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We know that there are lots of different ways for you to do your Health and Safety compliance, and you must wonder if OSH24 is the right one for you. The below story about Bob, the owner of a Coffee Shop in Wellington, will give you an idea of how OSH24 can help your business (just replace Bob with your name, and instead of coffee, think of your business).

Bob coffee shopBob owns a coffee shop in Wellington, he employs two permanent staff, John and Mandy, to help him managed his shop. Bob also employs a couple of students as casuals to help out with the early morning peak. His business is doing well and keeps him and his staff busy.

Owning your own business and employing staff is hard work and Bob has a lot of paperwork to do on top of his normal duties at his shop.

Bob knows that he has a duty as a business owner and employer to look after the health and safety of his staff and customers. He knows the basics about slippery floors, staff working alone, dangers in the kitchens, etc. but the paperwork around health and safety has always been a daunting task. To help with the administration with his health and safety, Bob partnered with OSH24 to make use of the OSH24 online health and safety system.

OSH24 is helping Bob make sense of those things that he needs to do to comply with Health and Safety legislation and to make it even easier for his employees to participate in, and feel safe in their workplace.

OSH24 also helped Bob to:

  • create a Health and Safety Policy Statement that he printed and placed on the notice board to demonstrate his commitment to health and safety to his employees
  • create Health and Safety policies, using the OSH24 templates, and customising them to be specific for his coffee shop
  • create an Emergency Plan for his shop and printing it out for all his staff to see on their notice board, again using the OSH24 Emergency Plan templates, and customising them for his own specific needs
  • record all those hazards that he was aware of in one place, and print the hazard register for his employees to see on their notice board
  • have an Incident management system where he can record any Accidents, Injuries or Near Misses, with the ability to perform any investigation online. For serious incidents, he can even export the incident and pass the details to WorkSafe (should it ever be required)

Bob was also able to give his staff members access to the OSH24 system; and this enabled them to view the Emergency Plan, Health and Safety Policies, Health and Safety Statement or the hazard in the Hazard Register. His employees can even record new hazards or record any incidents electronically, with a notification going to Bob to let him know if there is anything for him to do.

OSH24 also helped Bob with a process where he can perform staff induction online and have an electronic record on what health and safety items he discussed with his employees. Bob’s employees also complete an induction form online, and now there are no more wondering if his latest casual student has been inducted properly and knows not to do anything stupid while working in the kitchen.

Bob is getting all of this for $35 (GST inclusive) per month – that is the price of 7 of his coffees, not bad.

Bob is sleeping a little better at night, knowing his business is doing well and he is meeting his health and safety obligations.

OSH24, Health and Safety – Quick, Easy, Sorted…